Huawei Ecological Partners


Location: Changbai mountain

Huawei, China’s Eco partners meeting was held in Changsha 2017 international convention and exhibition center, conference is a festival of Huawei facing ecosystem partners, hand in hand with ecological partners, industry leaders, cross-border elite together to present a digital transformation thought feast.

In the general assembly, we responsible for the reception guests attending 13000, 100 + industry higher-ups. 7000 square meters exhibition hall, partners in 7000 +, 26 games industry and the technology of hot points of BBS. And to undertake the talent ecological higher-ups partner “HCIE night” and industry “President dinner”


Cooperation and win-win ecological idea, to create “customer + partners + Huawei ” community “” digital transformation, hand in hand to grasp the transformation of the ICT market opportunities, share the achievements of ecological.