About us

BIZCOM is a well established company, with professional insights and powerful execution to provide out long-term customer the benefits of experiential marketing.

BIZCOM is a company focusing on providing professional planning and execution services for all kinds of integrated marketing communications campaigns.


Bizcom Consulting adhere to the “Professional, Accountable, Insightful” motto. We provide a range of services for domestic and foreign customers combining both online and offline marketing insights.

After years of development, Bizcom Consulting has built a reputation in many industries, and is committed to continuing to provide customers with professional experience in marketing services and interactive digital solutions.

Founded in 1998

High international standard yet fully understands the local market充分了解中国市场

Foreign-invested enterprises

Communications between nations without obstacles流畅的跨国沟通


The lean and stable staff team

Absolute commitment to our customers to complete all tasks绝对完成对客户的所有承诺

Experienced leadership

As the cornerstone of the customer service作为客户充分信赖的基石

Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou and Chengdu

Entirely covering the whole china服务区域涵盖大中华及海外

Focusing in international client

Know client needs beyond expectations知其所需 超越预期

An international team which combined talent that comes from different nations – to have the perfect mix to deliver the best top services to our clients.


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