Location: Shanghai EXPO+ Shanghai Intercontinental Shanghai Expo

Since all the guests come to the event with clear purposes and high expectations, our mission is to guarantee that all the guests can feel Huawei’s sincerity and ingenuity though their conference experience from Huawei CONNECT.

We are here to give the guests unique conference experience comparing to other conferences, and showcase Huawei’s strength.

Also, we ensure that the backstage support is safe, detail-oriented, complete and excellent. This is the main idea that we have for Huawei CONNECT .


Audience composition: mainly are the audience of HCC, HDC, and HNC, also including EBG Client and Channel, Operator clients, partners, professionals that relate to IT and cloud services.

50% of the guests are global clients of Huawei, 12% of the guests are partners, and 25% are organizations/ governments/ KOLs/ medias/ analysts/ Huawei’s staff’s Total numbers of guests: 25000. 18000 m2 exhibition pavilions 700+ PT